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24 May 2015 @ 08:48 pm
So I bought a Fleurcup about a month ago and i still can't get it in. I have tried everything, different folds, squatting, kneeling, sitting down, one leg up, in the bath, using a water based lubricant and anything else i could find online. I know for certain my hymen is not blocking my vaginal opening. I knew my cervix was quite high up a few days before my period but then for the first time i checked my cervix a day before my period (I know your cervix gets lower and higher) and i am 99% sure i could see it. I checked with my finger and i am definite that it felt like it. I have searched already for why it would be that low, there is no chance of pregnancy and it is not my hymen. I really want to use my cup but because my cervix is so low it can actually be seen, i cant fit it in. I am so disappointed and i would like to see if any of you know whats going on or have the same thing because i would like to get as many answers as possible before resorting to the gynecologist. If you need anymore information feel free to ask (after seeing my cervix this low i considered a mini meluna but trust me even that cant fit in, I also saw online a thing called a uterine prolapse but i wouldn't know if thats it) thanks for reading i look forward to any replies x
squishy_blue on May 24th, 2015 10:38 pm (UTC)
Is it a large or a small fleur? I use a large and also have a low cervix and I use the punch down fold, grip the bottom of the cup with my middle finger and thumb, and use my pointer finger to help guide it in. when my finger touches my cervix I let my cup open and then slowly guide the cup up around my cervix. that way I know my cervix is in the cup and less likely to leak. Use lube if you have to it's quite helpful
librasierra on May 29th, 2015 07:34 pm (UTC)
Sorry for replying so late (my laptop broke) My cup is a small, and i will try this method next time
Jennnakedfaery on May 25th, 2015 06:37 am (UTC)
It's possible that the cup is too big for you. Fleur is quite a large and stiff cup.

If your cervix is so low it can be seen...do you mean it can be seen easily by someone looking in your vagina or that you can see it on the outside of your body? If it's on the outside of your body and can't be replaced manually by you gently pushing it back up (which is safe to do provide you're gentle and have very clean hands) then I doubt it's going to be possible for you to use a cup right now. Additionally it's a good idea to see a gynaecologist quite urgently as this can cause damage to your cervix and uterus if left untreated. At the very least they can give you a small device which'll sit at the top of your vagina and hold your cervix in place until they can figure out why it has prolapsed and which more permanent solution you need. Sorry if this is annoyingly helpy, but I've had friends and relatives with a similar issue and it can cause problems down the line. If it is genuinely a prolapse there is not really a way to fix it permanently without seeing a gynaecologist.

If you're not keen on tampons but can't use a menstrual cup, sea sponges may be a good idea for now.

Are you absolutely positive it's your cervix that you're seeing?

I found a fold that had more of a point to it, like the origami fold, 7 fold or the punch down fold were useful when I was new to cups and had very tight muscles.

You didn't mention if you tried inserting it sat on the toilet. Squatting for insertion was uncomfortable for me but it wouldn't go in if I was stood up. Sitting on the toilet seems to put my pelvis at a better angle as its somewhere between the two. Remember to be aiming slightly backwards rather than straight upwards.
librasierra on May 29th, 2015 07:40 pm (UTC)
sorry for my late reply, my cervix can be seen just at the opening of my vagina, its not hanging out of my vagina, its just level with the edge of the opening, and I will book an appointment with the gynaecologist soon to avoid any trouble. Im definitely sure its my cervix i can see, I know what my cervix feels like and it feels just the same. I will also try moving it back up like you suggested and try your insertion methods too. Thanks for your advice!