jenna00 (jenna00) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hey everyone! First off I wanna say I love this community! It was so much help to me a year ago when I bought my first cup!

Anyways I want to purchase a new cup. I currently use a medium classic meluna that I cut the ring off of and it works great except when I sleep on my heavy night it overflows so much! And I have to empty it often during that day. I use reusable panty liners too and sometimes it leaks through those as well :(

So I need a cup with a higher capacity but I have a medium to low cervix. I can get about midway between the first and second knuckle before I feel it and it usually ends up at least part way inside my medium meluna.

I was thinking about the low cervix femmycycle but I think the dang spill proof rim on the thing would drive me crazy! (I don't want to stick my fingers in there, plus it would make it harder for me to clean as I am a college student and usually wipe with toilet roll for normal removal and rinse it off during my showers)

I was also thinking about getting a Ruby Cup (not sure M or S yet) and cutting the stem off.

Any other suggestions? Or has anyone successfully removed the spill proof rim thing?

Thanks so much! :)
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decision, buying decisions, sleeping

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