yeb90 (yeb90) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup for Exercising

Hi All!

I'm back with more questions. My first cup, a small Si-bell has been great aside for some, now inexplicably resolved, rectal pressure. I was even able to wear it during ballet class with no leaking. However, I think a semester of ballet and my recent discovery of AcroYoga (the most fun I've had in a long time!) have strengthened my pelvic floor muscles. The Si-bell is still fine when I'm just hanging out or walking around, but now when I exercise with it in it leaks. I'm now looking for a firmer cup, but not one that's too firm as I'm worried it will cause rectal pressure.

I'm 22, a virgin, and I have a moderately low cervix. Maybe a Lunette or Fleur (is the Fleur firmer or just as soft as the Si-bell?)? Also, I've tried a small Cuplee and Organicup size A and liked how removal felt for them better than the Si-bell. However, they both leak, the Cuplee always and the Organicup when I exercise. I'm not sure if that's due to size (for the Cuplee), softness (probably for the Organicup), shape or some combination of these factors. One last thing. I do a lot of inversions during AcroYoga and one of the times my cup leaks is when I turn back upright. Do you think I'll be able to find a cup that doesn't leak in this scenario? Maybe I should also add, I love the quality of the Si-bell's silicone (definitely the nicest of the three cups I've tried) and prefer a matte cup.

Sorry for the long post. If you've gotten to the end of it, thank you for staying with me!

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