chinchillacan (chinchillacan) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Menstrual Cup Insertion & Leaking Problems

I'm 13 years old, virgin, and my last 4 or 5 cycles have been me trying to get a learning curve around the menstrual cup, and I run into the same problem each time.

The First Problem: It never really opens up. I can get it in there with ease, but nearly 3/4 of the time it just won't open in there. I've tried different folds and insert positions, but it still doesn't go in. If I do get it to pop open, I'm then left with a paranoia because I don't really know the felt difference between the cup being open and there compared to the cup being open and suctioned in place. It gets to a point where I'm stuck reinserting it so many times I just can't use it any more because I'm frustrated beyond belief and I've irritated the vagina with so much action.

The Second Problem: If I do manage to get the cup in, it leaks. I have a sort of medium-heavy flow, and it leaks. The only time it doesn't leak is when I near the end of the cycle, but this is probably only because there's no blood to really pass by and leak through. I've tried sitting it low and up high, but its of no use. (Additionally, while browsing on here I found a solution where you put it up so the cervix is in the cup, but I'm not quite sure how to do that right.)

I started with a Lunette Model 1, but I tried switching to Diva Cup's Model 1 to see if it would fix. Both have the same problem, but the leaking is worse with DivaCup.

Any help or ideas?
Tags: cervix position, divacup, insertion - painful or problems, leakage & spotting, lunette, seal & suction

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