mszizi (mszizi) wrote in menstrual_cups,

How to avoid cup suctions to the cervix?

I'm still using my small juju cup because the large cuplee I ordered has not arrived yet... This morning, when I was removing the cup, it suctioned to my cervix pretty tightly. I was not able to get it out on the first try which took me a long time then I gave up. So, I went about my morning routine then gave it a try later and I was able to remove it. So, my question is how to stop the cup from suction on to the cervix? It is really hard to remove when I'm only able to use one finger and press the side of the cup against the vaginal wall. This won't work when it's suction tightly on the cervix especially when the cup is not full. Can anyone give me any suggestion? Will the soft cuplee solve this problem? Will the pulling cause the cervix to drop lower or hurt it in any ways?
Tags: removal

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