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07 May 2015 @ 05:38 pm
Hello all,

I recently purchased my first menstrual cup (a DivaCup) which I want to be totally comfortable using by late June (I have two periods between now and then) because I'll be doing some intense hiking.

I just tried inserting it for the first time, and I knew it was going to be difficult because my hymen is very...tight? I am a virgin, and I have never even worn a tampon - I tried once when I was 12 and the experience scarred me. :) I can, however, fit a finger in reasonably easily, but I have never been able to fit two comfortably. The tightness doesn't seem to be inside the vaginal canal - just at the entry, which I suppose is the hymen.

I was determined to get the cup in (I used the "punch-down" fold because of the small lip)....and it didn't really work. I THINK I may have gotten it in once, but I couldn't rotate it (it was pretty painful when I tried - although it didn't really hurt once I stood up with it in). When I popped it out, there was blood, which was a little concerning, as I'm not on my period.

So, the first question is - did I just break my hymen? (I just want to make sure I didn't do something else wrong that made me bleed.)
Secondly - does that mean that this will be easier next time? :)

Thank you in advance!
icanbmeicanbme on May 7th, 2015 09:49 pm (UTC)
Sounds like it to me. My hymen bled upon my second insertion and it sounds just like what happened to me. My cup went in in way easier after that happened, but I was also on my cycle which helps a ton compared to dry runs.
lilydot on May 7th, 2015 11:14 pm (UTC)
Would you recommend that I just wait til my period before trying again? I was hoping to get comfortable with it before then, but I also want to go easy on my body. (And I suppose now the hymen might need some time to heal.)
tkamockingbird on May 7th, 2015 11:01 pm (UTC)
I agree with the last post. I am 29 and not a virgin and putting a cup in during a dry run is even uncomfortable for me! I know Kirad will post some useful links for you. Maybe even the Virgins guide to menstrual cups. Good luck! :)
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on May 7th, 2015 11:35 pm (UTC)
The blood could have come from your uterus/cervix even if you're not close to your period yet.

And if you sit on the floor with your knees up and splayed, and part your labia, you can see your hymen with a hand mirror and flashlight.

Read the Virgins Guide to Cups found at the Community FAQ. Gotta scroll way down to find it.
Serpent: neutralserpent_849 on May 8th, 2015 01:43 am (UTC)
well, hymens are not binary. i feel like i peeled one layer on a dry run (after having used cups for half a year), and one more when using vaginal balls. that is, there was blood both times. i'm still a virgin, and i won't be surprised if penetration also makes me bleed, and they say there's usually a bit of the hymen left until giving birth.

basically, yes this was probably your hymen, but it may not be fully gone yet. i would recommend beginning on your period. after that you could practise some more in between your periods. for now just stretch your hymen with your fingers. i'd say being able to insert two is a must. i practised in the shower and was able to insert three soon.

if you need a well-fitting cup asap, it's much more important to figure out where your cervix is. the diva is very long, but it gets shorter inside out. if it sticks out, do more research, you still have time to get a different cup.

the good news is that you don't need to rotate your cup :) if it's comfortable and doesn't leak, everything's fine.

for now you can also practise folding the cup in various ways and keeping it folded. (this shouldn't cause cramps in your hands if you don't have something like arthritis) i'm not a fan of the punchdown fold tbh, i think it was invented with stiffer cups in mind.
failsafe8failsafe8 on May 15th, 2015 03:40 am (UTC)
Breaking the urban legend of the virginal hymen one person at a time. You cannot tell whether someone is a virgin based on their hymen. Hymens can be broken in various different ways from yoga, horseback riding,exercise, etc. Most hymens only partially cover the vaginal outlet anyway. Also even with intercourse pieces of a hymen may be present as the hymen can stretch similar to a vagina.
Katrinakatrina_splat on May 29th, 2015 01:57 pm (UTC)
Yes to all of this!
Katrinakatrina_splat on May 29th, 2015 01:57 pm (UTC)
The hymen doesn't work like that, and you're not supposed to bleed, though it's not uncommon. Have a look at this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qFojO8WkpA