savvysoul (savvysoul) wrote in menstrual_cups,

help choosing a cup

Sup, so I used to use a DivaCup size 1 but I started getting cramps and when I took out the cup they went away but as soon as I put it back in it would hurt again so I stopped using it

I would like to find a cup that's slightly smaller in diameter/length (I'm not 100% sure what caused the cramps, like the diameter or the length)

Also one with a longer stem, I always found the stem on it so difficult to grasp.

I liked the stiffness of the DivaCup, it always opened without problems

Just the pain the taking it out were the main issues

any suggestions?
Tags: chafing/irritation, cramps, divacup, removal, removal - painful or problems, sizes/size issues, stem length/trimming

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