Lori Fagen Page (lo1970) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Lori Fagen Page

New user, cup slides down

I am a new user. I am 45 and have had vaginal births for 3 kids, and labored to the end but ended with a c-section for 2, and had 1 planned c-section. I had a prolapsed uterus or cervix before my last child but it improved. Tampons don't stay in anymore and I was very excited to try a menstrual cup.

I just got a Lunette in the larger size. I've had some trouble getting it in but I *think* I have succeeded a few times. When I have it in where I think it should be, I can't feel it. But the cup still slides down on me. If I sneeze or cough or pee, it comes down as well. If I just walk around, it slides down pretty quickly as well. Does this mean I didn't get it in well enough or do this mean this cup isn't a good fit for me? I don't want to give up on a cup! Advice please! :)

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