Emily (baroque_nomonet) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Frustrations in finding cervix and figuring out what cup to buy

Hello! I'm Emily and I'm 30 (married but no children). I'm trying to figure out which cup is best for me. I'm sick of using tampons and haven't used pads since I was 12. I tried using the reusable Instead Softcup and still haven't figured out where to position it. I can barely get it past my pubic bone because my fingers are short, so it pokes out slightly from my pubic bone and will leak. I also haven't been able to find my cervix. I've tried using my index and middle fingers and just can't seem to reach it. I read that the Diva Cup might be a good cup to try out because of length but I'm greatly considering the Lilycup. I've heard amazing things about the smooth silicone and I can't help but find the design aesthetically pleasing, though I'm trying really hard not to let looks influence my purchase decision! I just tried finding my cervix again from a standing position and think I might have found it? Is it behind your pubic bone? I'm on my period now, which seems like a good time to figure out where your cervix is so you figure out length of cup needed? Idk! I'm feeling clueless and lost!
I'm using the Softcup right now and I feel miserable. I think it's pressing against my cervix because I'm cramping really bad. It's also leaking, I think because I just can't seem to position it correctly.

I just feel lost about all of this and what cup to buy, but I know I'm sick of messing with the Instead Softcup.
Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, divacup, first time use, instead, lilycup, tilted uterus, vegan/vegeterian

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