starsandmoons89 (starsandmoons89) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Tilted cervix

My first menstrual cup was the lily cup size B (I've given birth vaginally). I was so excited! I have a low cervix but I am able to get this cup to work for me but it is not easy. At all. My muscles crush this super soft and squishy cup like a hot knife through butter! Before I can get this cup to even unfold it seals to my walls, I have to spend ages trying to continuously break the seal and try to get as much air into the cup as possible. So, I decided to get the lunette model 2, and also bought the meLuna medium classic, for lighter days. All my cups are so pretty and I love them! Unfortunately not one of them work well for me.
Turns out my cervix is crazy tilted. This is how I can best explain; If my vagina were a clock, My uterus and cervix would be at 12, vaginal opening would be at 6, and my cervix's opening is at 2 or 3..
The lunette, and meluna's rims are flat and there isn't enough room to get my cup to situate around my cervix, even if there were enough room the cup would just tip, because of the lily cups shape, it actually works for my body, since the longer rim is small enough to fit in the tiny crevice between my cervix and vaginal wall, but as I said before, getting this cup to open is a brutal process, takes ages, and on my heavy day my cervix gets drawn pretty far in my cup and takes up capacity.(another reason I wanted the Lunette)
So my question(about time!) are there any cups out there that have a similar shape to the lily cup, with one side of the rim longer, but a firmer cup?
Or any tips on getting the lunette or meluna to work for me?
Tags: cervix position, lilycup, lunette, meluna, tilted uterus
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