jaynethome (jaynethome) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Perfect cup for sports

Hey, I need some advice regarding sports.

Today I own a Lunette 1 as my everyday cup and an Inciclo (rebrand of brazilian MissCup), which I like to use, but I found out that is too soft for me, I smashed the poor thing twice and leaked. Sigh.

So, I'm not exactly an addicted to sports but I have plans to go back to swimming classes. I also play beach voleyball casually with friends. For this purpose I bought a Meluna Sport M buuuut... the TPE didn't make my mind, so I'll pass it to a friend and return to the old and good silicone.

So I'm trying to find my perfect cup for sports. I saw a video review that recommends lots of cups including Lady Cup, Ruby Cup, Femmecup, Mooncup and specially the Yuuki. What do you guys can tell me about these cups? Which one do you use? Do you thing I should buy any of these for my case (swimming/voley/running) or stick with the Lunette?
Tags: buying decisions, femmecup, lady cup, lunette, mooncup (uk), ruby cup, sports/physical activities, yuuki

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