chaucer10 (chaucer10) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Severly tilted uterus and constant leakage woes

Hi everyone! I have read pretty much every single thing on these boards about tilted uterus and trial and error methods to prevent leakage-- with no luck to help me thus far. My uterus is so tilted that when the doctor would check to see how dilated I was during childbirth, I thought she was trying to reach back for my spine. Ugh. I have had three vaginal births, and am using a Silicone MoonCup, as I have a very strong pelvic floor that squeezes all other cups. My cervix is high and very tilted, so I have to get it way up there, but really at this point I try to place it anywhere to see what works. I accept the leakage at this point, as some leakage is better than using tampons for sure. Also- this may be kind of TMI, but in the immediate vaginal opening wall area, are there muscle type tissues there? Is that what the "pelvic wall" is? I wonder if blood is leaking around these different valley areas? What is that? It's not exactly smooth walls in there. Does it need to go above that?

Thanks for all your advice in advance. It is truly amazing how one could have three pregnancies and births and really just now be getting to know/understand what is going on in there! I will say that even with all the difficulties I am having, using a menstrual cup has been wonderful compared to tampons, and I am glad I made the switch 6 months ago.


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