Marie Intarnette (ladylynx) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Marie Intarnette

New Cup?

How's everyone doing?
I finally had my myomectomy done last month and I feel so much better. No more heavy bleeding, no more runs to the ER. And I'm so thankful for the large and xl cups I have used all these times, as they were a bit of a help. Now I'm just taking meds to get my period regulated again and waiting for it to come back. I figure I wont need to use such large cups again.

So I'm wondering, what cups are out there? What cups would be best to try out if I want a change from Luv Your Body and Meluna XL? And are there any cups besides Meluna that have a ring?

ETA: Has anyone done an extensive shore comparison? I like the Meluna Classic's shore and don't want anything softer than that.

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