failsafe8 (failsafe8) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Promoting Awareness of Menstrual Cups

I saw that there were a few post quite a while back about activism and such and read those. But there seemed to be little information.

I want to promote Menstrual cups to a greater extent than they are. I already have told most of my family about them and got varying degrees of enthusiasm from you're insane but I'll listen to sounds novel but gross.

I think people need more info about cups. So I was wondering is there anybody (individual or a company) that makes flyers or pamphlets which we can pass out to better educate the public in the hopes they will consider this more eco-friendly and comfortable alternative?

My own mother didn't know about Cups and she's been a nurse for years...many of my other family didn't know either and they work in the medical field. Cups need to be more mainstream and I want to be part of making that happen.

Also is there any organization devoted to spreading information about cups and female body awareness in general? Because if so I would be interested in helping promote the word.
Tags: activism, environmental impact, papers/articles/pamphlets

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