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Experienced user looking for new cups, low cervix, semi-sensitive bladder

Hi, I would appreciate some suggestions. Back when I bought my first cup, there were only a few to choose from. Now, there are so many!
What I have now: the Ladycup and a brand new Meluna Shorty Soft Small.
Since I've been bummed about my period lately I want to buy cups in different brands and colours to feel better about it and to have more options.

I'm looking for a shorter cup, not too firm, and made out of silicone. I've bought a Meluna that I'm excited to try next month, but I would like more silicone cups.
I have a low cervix and a somewhat sensitive bladder. Smoothness is a plus, not too many rims and dents and ridges. 47mm length without stem is max, on some days that length is uncomfortable (that's why I've bought a shorty Meluna as well, to use on those days).
Capacity is not of concern. I'll probably cut the stem off so that is not important either. I would kind of like cups in pretty colours though.

Cups I'm considering:
Fleurcup, Lunette (again, I used it for a few years and have good memories about it, but I did end up buying a new one, can't remember how much of it was discomfort, bladder etc., and how much was me wanting a colour cup back when Ladycup came out with them...).

What other brands should I consider, or any thoughts on the cups I'm considering?
Tags: buying decisions

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