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02 April 2015 @ 08:34 am
Hi everyone.
I'm a menstrual cup newbie,
I am 22, I'm not a Virgin, I have never had children, I have a moderate flow and I do dance and yoga. These traits (according to the lunette size guide) lead me to buying the lunette model 1 for myself.
My problem is that the damn thing won't stop leaking, but when I go to remove it, the cup is nowhere near full! I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!

When I insert the cup I can feel with my fingers that it is open, and I am able to rotate it... I have noticed though when removing it, I pinch the bottom and pull it out very easily, But I never feel any seal break.
Why is my cup not making a seal?!

Side note:
My cervix is apparently very high, at no point during my cycle can I locate it... How the heck can I know if I'm positioning my cup at the right angle if I don't know where my cervix is?

Please help! I really want to love my menstrual cup but I'm just becoming disheartened.
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on April 2nd, 2015 01:35 pm (UTC)
There shouldn't be any suction. Skim/Read this http://kuradi8.livejournal.com/ and follow the link in the paragraph about suction.

Since your cup is collecting flow, it's in the right place. If it's not filling up fully, your cervix is probably dangling into it, taking up room. That is perfectly normal. A wider, higher capacity cup is usually recommended for heavy flow days. And the cup you have can then become a light days cup.
emilyrault on April 2nd, 2015 05:50 pm (UTC)
Ah! That really helps and makes a lot of sense. I didn't think I was doing anything wrong, but I kept seeing people say "suction" and that just wasn't happening for me.

Thank you!