freyjarilo (freyjarilo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

TMI - Increased fluid production with menstrual cups?

Okay so for starters forgive me if I am posting this in the weirdest place possible. Not only is this my first time posting in the mestrual_cup group, it is my first time using live journal.

I am new to menstrual cups, but since I have sarted using mine I have noticed that I always feel "wet". When I check there is no blood in the discharge, just clear liquid. I fell like my body produced 10xs more fluids after I started using menstrual cups. I keep running to the bathroom because I think I am leaking but no... I am so wet throughout my entire period that I feel like I should wear a panty liner anyway.

Sorry if that was just too much info, but I am wondering if this is normal?


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