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Hey all,
I'm a big fan of your community and have been reading it for about 3 years and just now posting on it! You all were my sex ed for a bit and I appreciate it immensely!
Little bit of background: I'm a nineteen-year-old woman with a vagina. I've been sewing my own cloth pads since October 2013, and I bought a Yuuki small economic on a whim last April because I was just so /done/ with Instead cups and tampons and waste!
Here's my problem, though: the cup is not working the way it should. It's been nearly a year and I love the thing to pieces, but it's just not working the way it should. It leaks when it's barely half full. This morning I woke up to find that my extremely absorbent pad was completely soaked and I had that lovely line of blood going up the back of my panties that always happens with the cup. When I empty it, there's always a lot of mess all over my hand and the cup is maybe half full, tops. Which means that on some days I'm changing it every hour on the hour to catch it before it leaks.
I'm thinking that I might have a very large, low cervix and a shallow vagina, but I just don't know. My three-inch-long middle finger can find the little valley where my cervix meets my vaginal wall all around on most days of my 35-day cycle. My cervix is probably an inch long in my vagina at any given time, it seems, and the cup goes right up to that point when it's in practically instantly. I'm thinking that I might have picked a cup that's too small, springy, and firm for my body but again, I just don't know.
I don't know if any of you have experience with the Economic model of Yuuki, but the rim is so springy that I have to be careful about guiding it out or blood will get flung into the farthest recesses of the bathroom. The only two folds that I can make consistently work are the C-fold and the punch down.
Any ideas, guys? Maybe on what I should look for in another cup? It's only a problem on my heaviest first couple of days, but I don't know if a softer and bigger cup would really help the situation.
Tags: buying decision, cervix position, leakage & spotting, sizes/size issues, yuuki

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