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Helpful Tips For Removing and Disposing of Instead Soft Cups

Hi all!

I'm new to the menstrual cup world and have absolutely fallen in LOVE with using Instead Soft Cups! So much better than using pads, especially for sleeping. Anyways, in my reading of reviews online, I've noted that Soft Cups seem to have gotten a bad rap for mainly two reasons, so I just wanted to pass on a few things I have learned that seem to pretty much alleviate the issues.

1. Difficulty removing the cup / it's stuck.
My solution: First things first, relax, breathe, don't panic. Spread your knees nice and wide, in a sitting position. Take your time and gently hook your finger under the ring, coming up from the bottom. Pull firmly, but slowly, gently, and evenly. Let your body mold around it as its coming out. If you yank it out or try to grab from the top of the rim, it is going to feel unpleasant and make a huge mess.

2. The mess of disposing of a blood-filled cup.
My solution: When you open the wrapper, rip along one edge and then fold a single paper towel square and tuck it inside the wrapper. Stick the little packet you just made in your purse or pocket and when it is time to remove the Soft Cup, just use the paper towel to wipe any blood off your finger and bunch/fold the paper towel square into/around the used Soft Cup. (Paper towel absorbs large amounts of blood better than TP.) Slide the whole thing into your empty wrapper and voila! Mess free disposal and clean fingers.
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