ohelloflo (ohelloflo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Confused about how to choose a cup size based on cervix and leakage

I was reading the size charts guide and I *think* I have a low cervix because when I insert a finger I feel something squishy quite soon, but I can try to put a finger past it but it's awkward to reach any higher. Is that my cervix? I really don't know.

I'm confused since if I choose a short cup, won't my cervix fill it and leave no room for flow? If I choose a longer cup will it leak and be uncomfy? I started with Diva and had issues.

Currently I am using Lunette small. When I remove it after it leaks, I find it is half full but but then a big blob of blood spills out immediately following the cup, so that means the flow wasn't going into the cup after a certain point. So was my cervix filling the cup?

Gahh been trying to figure out how to use a cup for about 6 months now...still haven't got the hang of how to know where my cervix is and what length and width is right for me. any insight would be appreciated! Thank you all!
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