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On softness

Hello, long time lurker here. I want to thank y'all for all the information you've given in this community.

I'm 19, never had kids, and have a MeLuna M Classic. I believe I have PCOS (I'll make sure once this period's over), so the last time I tried to use it was a few months ago. I could not get it opened, but I'd read the MeLunas were a bit tricky to pop open so I didn't thought much about it. Today I read about placing it in cold water could help, so I did and it popped open... only to collapse once I released it. I tried to have it to pop open again but it didn't happened. Thought I might be tensing unconsciously, but pretty sure I wasn't. So I remembered that, between the time I've bought it and today, I've returned to my swimming and pilates routine from years ago and it's been going pretty well.

Could it be that the cup is now too soft for me? Or am I just a newbie and do simply need to work it out with more practice? (Also: My cervix is seems quite dangly some days and it's a bit uncomfortable to pass it by the pelvic bone, could that also be a factor?)

Sorry for any weird errors or wording. Thank you for everything.
Take care. xx
Tags: insertion, meluna, popping open

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