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Hello. I posted a few months ago about getting my Diva cup (I only get my period once every three months thank to one of my medications). I wasn't able to use it last cycle, due to irritation. And now, my cycle is starting again, and I still ant use it. I have not problem getting it in, open, or out. It's just keeping the darn thing in. I know that it's a bit to long for me, as the stem pokes out, causing most of the irritation that I experience. And while my pelvic muscles are very tight (marathon runner in training), I think its a bit to firm for me.
Point of this post is, could some one maybe recommend a smaller, slightly softer cup? I've been doing some research of my ow but there's just so much and I'm starting to feel over whelmed.
I really just need a starting place.
Thank you for any help that you can offer.
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