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Thinking of trying out another brand

I started discussing this in the comments of an unrelated post, but I thought it best to make my own separate post here...

I'm a relative new cup user (10 months). I live in Brazil so I automatically opted for the national brand: InCiclo! I didn't even know to research the differences between brands before buying! (Too late now!)

Anyway, I consider myself past the adaptation phase, but I still get terrible cramps on the first day of each cycle. I do have cramps naturally, but they're usually pretty mild without using the cup. I tend to work sitting at a desk all day, with very few bathroom breaks... I have noticed the pain is worse when my bladder is full, though I don't exactly know what conclusions to take from that. On the second and third days of the cycle, I'm not even aware of the cup (as it should be)!

I found out today (on the other post I mentioned) that Lunette and Meluna are available in Brazil as well. Although Meluna was mentioned as a stiff cup, and I'm thinking I might need a softer one. On the other hand, I checked the comparison chart and Lunette seems to be half the height of InCiclo... from my experience with my cup, I have a high cervix, I'm afraid I'll lose the Lunette inside if it sits so high!

So I'd like to hear some opinions on those brands, please! Does anyone with a high cervix use Lunette? Is it easy to take out? Any thoughts about softness X stiffness of those brands? And also I would like to hear thoughts about me wanting to go with a softer cup, if I'm on the right track (not that I would know if InCiclo is soft or not, it has been my only cup so far!)..

Sorry for the long post... thank you for any help you can give!
Tags: brand comparisons, cramps, lunette, meluna

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