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Comparison: Meluna Sport x Lunette x Inciclo (MissCup)

Hey cupers!

I had to do this post because in my local community of cups very few girls have a Meluna Sport. So, I recently bought a Lunette 1 and a Meluna Sport M. I already had an Inciclo (the old MissCup brazilian brand) and used it for 4 cycles. Well, two times I heard that "pff" sound of air entering the canal and immediately thought "damm, the seal broke". In both times I started leaking. For start I thought the diameter was small for me (40mm x 56mm), but then I looked at the rim and noticed it's very thinner than other cups I saw in pictures, maybe it was breaking the seal easily because of this idk. As a regular swimmer I was afraid that this accident might happen in pool, it'd be a total disaster haha.

So, I bought a Lunette 1 AND a Meluna Sport M (ball stem) for my days in pool and did some dry runs with both. The Lunette fit well and didn't leave it's place even after lots of kicks and jumps and any other craziness I did to try it hahaha, I totally love it, I'm going to use it next cycle. The Meluna Sport was... a little more complicated. The two things that pulled me back were the increased stiffness and the different material. It's hard to describe because it's very different from the others I have but I didn't like it to start. It's SUPER hard. Also, it has a difficulty to return to it's form after being folded. Is this because it's made of TPE or because it's very stiff? Can anyone confirm that? Because of this I found hard to check if it was open and if formed a seal. And to finish, after inserted it wasn't very comfortable.

Well, the Meluna Sport was a bit disappointing to me but the Lunette is awesome, I love it! Anyone has some advice regarding this Meluna? I didn't want to give up on it, but it really didn't make a good impression to me. If you'd like I can post later some pics showing the three together and stiff comparisons.
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, dry run, lunette, meluna, misscup, seal & suction, sports/physical activities
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