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Long update, and quick warning! New cup suggestions?

My update! I have three cups: meluna classic med, fleurcup small, and the naturcup 1 (middle size)
Also, I've included a warning about an eBay listing.
I've been using the naturcup exclusively!
Pros: thick rim = no/less leakage, resistant material, less frequent changing, usually reachable!
Cons: having to use the C fold, slight pain with insertion and removal. removal pain is due to the size of the rim.
I don't use the other 2 cups because they leak.. A lot. (They feel more malleable in comparison.)
*If anyone wants to see specific cup comparisons, just let me know.

I also found that the easiest way for me to insert the cup is to do the C fold and deal with the quick pain. (I have a high pain tolerance so it's all good. I know some others wouldn't be content though.) I found that the naturcup is too resistant to do many of the more intricate folds.
I have troubles with the cup opening when I use the punch down fold; even with the stirring, the cup rarely opens. I also feel a quick pain when I remove the cup; it's only towards the entrance because of the rim diameter and resistance. It doesn't really hurt when I hot dog fold it, but it's really quick either way.I've been squeezing, and pulling the cup out by swirling it around.
The only thing that irritates me, is that sometimes it intensifies the sensation of having to pee. It's a common occurrence for me during AF... Or all the time. ;)

Silky Cup, anyone?!? I found them on eBay!! $15 and free shipping.

I bought a NaturalMamma cup off of eBay for $20, in October.. Or September. It never came! I messaged the seller in Nov, and the seller told me another one has been sent; it was supposed to arrive in December. It never did either. I'm not sure what the issue was, but just a caution! Luckily it wasn't $40, but... Still.

I've been thinking about: NaturalMamma, Gaia cup, Si-Bell, and sckoon. Sckoon is so cute! Probably too short though :( I also just saw silky cup, so I don't know anything about it.
*I'm not in a hurry. I'm happy with my naturcup, but I would like to try some others for different days.
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