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Tearing pain on removal

Hi All,

First-time user here. I bought a small Eva Cup and started using it on a period. Insertion hasn't been a problem (using punch-down fold) but removing the darn thing is kind of excruciating. It's not an issue of suction; I can get it to release and form into a C-shaped fold as I pull it out. Getting the wider half of the cup out is very painful; it just feels like I'm tearing myself or stretching something past capacity. I have never had sex and have never been able to get more than two fingers up there. A punch-down fold essentially gets the diameter of the cup down to two-fingers size, whereas a C fold is bigger. I can't get it in folded into a C, thus pulling it out in that shape...doesn't feel so great. Wondering if there is a way to work around this, or if I should try a different cup. I've worn and removed it three times now over two days. The most recent time I used the cup, I felt a dull discomfort deeper in as well as some sharp, burn-y pain closer to the vaginal opening. Is my issue just the firmness of the cup?

I know there is a ton of misinformation about hymens out there and I'm hesitant to even mention them. My doctor tried a pelvic exam a few years ago and had to stop because I was so tense and it was too painful. I don't know how to gauge my pelvic floor muscles; I've had smaller tampons basically fall out so it's not like I'm that tense all the time. The issue really seems to be around the opening, and I'm wondering if the pain should be cause for concern.

Anyway, thanks for reading; any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
Tags: first time use, removal - painful or problems, sizes/size issues

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