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Pressure on/in my Uterus! Help!!

Okay, So I am BRAND NEW(currently still on the first cycle) to menstrual cups. I just got the Lily cup (classic) size 2, I am 28 and I have had one child, and a supremely high cervix (no idea where that thing is). Insertion- was super easy the first day, no leaks, no trouble getting it out. Then overnight it was a blood bath and so was day two. I got the hang of it again on day three but throughout this experience I've been having an uncomfortable pressure, similar to light cramping, right on my uterus/bladder. I have taken the cup out for the end of my cycle (it had become very light) and I STILL have that same pressure/pain sensation as if the cup were still there. It almost feels like gas, and there is a very faint pulsing feeling. The sensation is not debilitating but it is uncomfortable. I've read a few other posts, Some people said it may be the length of the cup or the pressure from the suction or air inside, or no air inside. I'm wondering if anyone has had this issue and found a solution to it. Do I need another cup? Is it something that will go away? Do I need a less suction-y cup? The lily cup classic does form a very strong seal (no suction release holes). I'll include dimensions incase that helps with my question. Oh one more thing the cramping sensation becomes worst when laying down or sitting slouched, almost disappears while I'm standing.
Diameter: 43.5 mm
Length: 78 mm
Capacity: 28 ml

Thank you!!!!! and HELP!!!!
Tags: cramps, first time use, insertion - painful or problems, lilycup

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