dognurse (dognurse) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First-TIme help with MC for long backpacking trip


I am a 35 yo who has never had children. My cervix sits low and it is barley 5cm in. I am going on a week long hiking trip in 2 months which is when my period is supposed to be. It was late a few months ago, because I intentionally planned my trip so this would not happen, but now can't cancel my trip. I have never used a cup before but am strongly considering it because
I have to carry out all my trash and I do not want to carry out used tampons. It is gross and it also has a much higher risk of attracting wild animals to my pack because of the smell.
I will be going a week without showering. I will have access to some water but that is it.

I am really REALLY overwhelmed. I see so many options, I do not know what to try, or if this is even a good idea/option.

Thanks so much!
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