Tennis_ball_thrower (indy_13905) wrote in menstrual_cups,

The "Pop" and Other Questions

I'm a new divacup user and have done a few trial runs before Flo actually gets here this month (with all the anticipation I may be making her late). I'm nervous that my cup isn't opening and keep reading about people being able to feel it "pop" open- is that true? Will I be able to feel when it opens?
This "twirl" thing people keep talking about...nope- can't do it. I can really work it to get it to spin around, but I'm really not sure why I'm supposed to do that and I feel like I'm elbow-deep up there.
Finally, the suction. I have an IUD and I'm nervous I'm going to suck it right out of my cervix when I pull out my cup. I pinch it, tilt it, but don't feel the suction release until it is almost all the way out. Is this something to really worry about?
Any help would be great! Thanks everyone :)
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