torylinn (torylinn) wrote in menstrual_cups,

cup use and heavy flow

So this is my first period using a reusable mentrual cup. I surprizingly have few issues with the cup. I do, however, have a problem. I have extremely heavy periods. I did not know how heavy until today, when my lunette model one filled and overflowed in one hour!!!! I felt a gush maybe 50 minutes after dumping my cup and i thought to myself 'that's not right, I must have put my cup in wrong!' Being my procrastinating self i decided to wait a while to see if it happened again (thank goodness for backup!) I laughed and felt a second gush about 10 minutes later so i decided to check things out. To my complete surprize, the cup was full! I have since switched to my ruby cup and hope that it holds up longer. I guess we'll see. For those that suggest i see a doctor, no worries i am and have been under the care of a hem/onc for 7 months, and this may help her find what is making me sick. I hope i can somehow make this work because the amount of money these cups would save me is huge, and they really do work great. Meanwhile, i am now seriously considering the luv ur body cup. Has anyone else ever been in a similar situation? If so, how do you manage?
Tags: heavy blood flow, luv ur body
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