silvinewbie (silvinewbie) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cloth pantyliners with or without PUL ?

Originally posted by silvinewbie at Cloth pantyliners with or without PUL ?
Hi... I'm just starting out with reusable menstrual products... I ordered a Lunette and already have 1 pantyliner a 2 light pads... I obviously want to make my stash bigger, and I thought about buying the Ecofemme products to start out with... I don't know if I should get the pantyliners with or without PUL... I don't have much experience... could you please help me?(and some opinions on these products would be appreciated :) )

PS: I'm not sure if I just want to start out with having backup for my cup, but I definetely also want minimum 1 medium and heavy, just in case.... I need to go through the learning curve!
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