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First experience with MC, using wet wipes?

So I started using the moon cup. I'm very pleased with it, only the cleaning is a bit annoying.

I live in a student home and our toilet is not so clean + we don't have a sink in it. So I usually clean it with a bottle of water and some paper. But to do it like that a whole week seems a bit dirty, so every morning I clean it the usual way on the toilet and then take it with me upstairs to clean it better at the sink… It's a bit stressy 'cause I need to go 2 floors with the 'kinda clean' MC in my hand and there are 5 people living here… But I guess there's no better way… :( (tips are welcome!)

Now my main question: I do an internship for 3 months and there's also no sink in the toilet. Also: the toilets are like 'IN' the office, there's just a door between you and the toilet, so there's not a separate room between the office and the actual can… Thus all noises are audible in the office. Now if my coworkers were only the women I would just explain I was using the moon cup. I work for a place where the main objective is to make the city more environmental friendly, so I guess no-one would pull a weird face at the concept of the MC… But the men… I don't particularly like the idea of explaining to guys that I'm using the moon cup. It's like telling them "If you see me going to the toilet with a bottle, making all weird noises, I'm on my period."

First I thought of leaving the bottle in the stall, but I tend to use a lot of water cleaning the MC… So my 33cl bottle needs a lot of refills… + I'm scared someone (cleaning lady) will take it away… It helps to put a little water on toilet paper and then clean it like that, but it's still hard to do that with in one hand the moon cup and in the other one the bottle, I kinda need three hands :') + still lot of unexplainable noises…

Now I have this wet wipes that seem pretty normal to put in a toilet stall, but I'm kinda worried to use them on my MC they contain:
benzalkonium chloride, propyleen glycol, sorbital, aloe vera extract, water and aroma. I also heard of lunette wipes, but they are quite expensive… I'm also not really fond of the idea, with all the toilet paper and wet wipes I shall be using I sometimes ask myself if the MC is not just as polluting as tampons…

Not cleaning it and just pouring the blood out is a bit hard, the blood is usually kinda sticky and the little holes get filled up rather easy…

An other thing I can do is clean it just before I have to leave for work and then wait till I get home to clean it, but since I work 8 hours a day, It might be just a bit too long… + I don't know if this will work at my worst day, I'm afraid it will be full after 4 hours…

A friend of me got the advice for when she went camping in the woods to piss on it for cleaning… Now that seems a bit dirty and for me it raises a lot of questions, though it would be kinda easier because you have this pressure on it, like on the tap… + no all too weird noises… Still wondering if anyone else got this advice in the shop :')

So any tips? (btw: sorry for my bad english :))
Tags: cleaning - public, environmental impact, mooncup (uk)

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