xilluminate (xilluminate) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Virginity and Sckooncup?

Hello! This is my first post on here, so if I did anything wrong, please notify me :)

I'm considering buying a sckooncup or other menstrual cup, but I have some questions. I have really short and light periods, will that make any difference? Will I be able to swim and go on waterslides? (I live close to a waterpark and go almost every week. oh, florida and your infinite summers). But most of all, I'm concerned because I don't know my anatomy very well and I'm a virgin.

I don't have any big fears about putting something inside of me, but will it hurt more because I'm a virgin and have never put anything up there? I've also only had three periods (Late bloomer, haha) so am i too young/early to start with using a cup? Will i have to tear my hymen in order to insert it correctly? Also, does anyone have any reccomended ones for beginners that are small, good for swimming, and comfortable?|

Thanks, and feel free to ask my any more questions.

I've also heard some horror stories of people's hymen's getting tangled in the stem. Is that a fairly common thing among first-time users?
Tags: age, sckooncup, virginity
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