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Not sure if I need a shorter or longer cup...

Hi everyone,

My first cup was the Diva 1, and it took me a while to get used to inserting/removing (I don't think I ever really got used to it lol) but the problem was that it was difficult to pop open, and hard to remove because of length - I could easily reach the base, but it took a long time for the seal to break despite enlarging the holes). It would leak, even though it wasn't full. Sometimes I had trouble inserting it. I thought these issues might be due to it being too long and I couldn't get it to pop open causing leakage.

So I got the Lunette small cup, which is way shorter than the Diva and easier to pop open and remove (no troubles reaching the base - even though I trimmed the stem, it's not so short that it rides up so it's unreachable. And the seal breaks way quicker than with the Diva). But now I experience leaking after only a few hours - it fills up rather quickly. Not sure if my flow just got heavier all of a sudden or my cervix is taking up too much room. It leaked a bunch overnight and when I was doing some exercises and movements (e.g. lunges) I felt kind of bubbly/leaky. Some of this might be residual slobber, but not all!

When I remove the Lunette after it's been leaking, I find that it's filled to the 'line' under the Made in Finland text (not the rim), but that a glob of blood kind of comes out beside/around the cup along with it so that makes me think my cervix is filling up too much of the cup.

I'm not sure if this means that I need a shorter or longer cup compared to the Lunette so that my cervix won't take up too much volume so I'll stop leaking?? So that I can wear it more comfortably during the day? With the Diva I would wear it for 12 hours with less leakage.

One more question, when I feel/hear the cup pop open it actually feels flat like it's been deflated initially inside me. Is this normal? I use the punch-down fold if that makes any difference. It's the only way I can get it inside because it's the smallest. I also feel kind of bubbly initially, like I can feel the flow at times and never know if I'm actually leaking for sure, until I check in the bathroom. Does this have to do with the suction/seal not forming correctly?

Any advice would be appreciated, you are all so helpful!
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