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Small cup, long stem vs. long cup, short stem

Hey everyone. A little while ago, I asked for advice about trying a new cup, and I got some good responses that I really appreciated.

I have a more specific question now, though, that I was hoping to get some input on. I'm using the Diva Cup (model 1), and I know that the Diva has a longer body than a lot of cups. The Diva seems to be a very good length for me. I have a somewhat high cervix, and I'm able to fit the entire cup inside me without much trouble. After I use the cup for several hours, I usually find that it's worked its way up far enough that I have to bear down in order to be able to reach the stem or the bottom of the cup well.

I know that a lot of cups, like the Lunette and Sckoon, have shorter bodies but longer stems than the Diva. As such, the overall length is pretty similar. I'm interested in trying another cup, but since most cups are shorter than the Diva, I'm wondering if having to rely more on the stem would make much difference when it comes to removal. I have a little bit of trouble gripping the Diva stem sometimes, but the Diva stem is very short, so I don't know how a longer stem would compare. I generally find the Diva easier to remove once I can grip the bottom, and I don't know if I would be able to do that easily with a shorter cup. But I also know that the Diva suction release holes are notoriously small (I haven't enlarged them), so that could also be a factor.

Does anyone have experience using both longer and shorter cups? If you're not able to easily reach the bottom of your cup, is the stem sufficient to pull it down?

Thanks for the input!
Tags: buying decision, cervix position, divacup, removal, sizes/size issues

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