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Yuuki Economic Firmness vs. Classic Firmness (Comparison)

Hi everyone,

With the help of the advice of this forum and my own research, I've recently decided to purchse a Small Yuuki cup to replace the Small Meluna Classic that I purchsed several months ago but which is way too soft for me, never opens, and was hard to remove due to the softness.

I'm currently trying to decide whether I should purchse the Small Yuuki in Economic firmness or Classic firmness. According to their website, the Economic cup measure 50 shore (supposedly equal to the Small Meluna Sport), while the Classic cup measures 60 shore (even firmer than the Sport!). That being said, the great comparison videos I found here suggest that the Small Yuuki Soft (which measures 40 shore according to Yuuki's site) is actually about equal to the Meluna Sport in firmness. Taking this into account, it occured to me that the Yuuki Economic might be firm enough for me (if it's firmer than the Meluna Sport), I only hesitate to get the Classic becuase I have heard people say that using really firm cups can sometimes cause removal to be painful.

Is this the only downside of a really firm cup? Does anyone have any experience with either the (new) Small Yuuki Economic cup or the Small Yuuki Classic cup? I know there's an old Yuuki, one-firmness cup that got replaced by the manufacturer a few years ago, so I'm obviously looking to buy one of the new-version Yuuki cups...

Also, if it's relevant, I'm a virgin, have pretty strong PC Muscles (I'm assuming since they completely squished the Meluna Classic), and am pretty narrow & not so stretchy up there. Thanks!
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