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Hi everyone,

I am wondering if this wonderful community might be able to help me find a second cup that will work for me better than my first did. The first cup I ever purchased was the Small Classic Meluna with Ring Stem. I thought (and really hoped!) that this cup would be the one for me, but after two months of frequent attempted use, I think it's time to give up and search for one that's a better fit. I've spent a long time trying to sift through comparison charts and videos, but am just getting overwhelmed and confused. Thus, I come to this community to see if anyone might be able to offer their ideas/suggestions for what cup I should purchase :). Things I'm looking for in my second cup cup:

Narrow Width
I would like as narrow a cup as possible. I am a 20 year old virgin with apparently relatively strong PC/Vaginal Wall muscles, a narrow and not very stretchy vagina, and a somewhat high cervix. As others have mentioned experiencing, I've had a very hard time getting my finger up/around the sides of the cup during insertion and removal, as there's simply not a lot of space up there and not much stretching going on. Side note: It has also impossible to get my finger next to/above the rim during removal, because regardless of how low down the cup is, my fingers are just too short to reach the actual rim itself.

Firm Texture
I would like a firm-ish cup to aid with insertion and removal. As I said, my vagina is pretty narrow and my muscles apparently pretty strong. The Classic Meluna was way too soft for me.. It was a struggle to get it to open inside, even once I bought a hole punch and expanded and added holes (which helped, but not quite enough). The cup never came near to "popping open" on its own, regardless of which trick I used (and I tried all of them!) Additionally, removal was made extremely difficult due to the softness of the cup. Because it was so soft, pressing the sides/pinching the bottom of the cup did not break the suction or affect the actual rim at all. I think a firmer cup that reacts to my pinching/pressing the sides more dramatically would be really helpful for breaking the seal during removal. I wonder if the material (TPE) has something to do with this, as someone mentioned that it is much less springy than regular silicone.

Length: Not Sure
The Small Meluna seems to be pretty short. I never actually wore it for more than a few minutes, so I'm not sure how far it would travel up into my vagina with regular wear. Seeing as I can't reach my cervix at any point in my cycle, it seems my vagina is pretty long. Maybe something with a length similar to the Small Lunette would be good. Or a shorter cup that has a longer stem would be fine too.

Price: As Cheap as Possible
I'm on a tight budget! :)

Thanks everyone for your help! Sorry I wrote so much, but I figure if I'm going to post, I may as well go for it. Thanks for your help in advance! P.S.- I'm located in the US, if that's relevant to your suggestions.
Tags: buying decision, insertion, meluna

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