Yawnk (savannahjan) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Returning to Menstrual Cups

Due to health reasons I've been on birth control for a very long time. And because of my uterus issues, I have refused to let it bleed. I've skipped the sugar pills so long that I truly cannot remember the last time I bled.

Unfortunately these uterus issues have not gone away with birth control. And my doctor has told me my only choices are a Mirena or cutting the offending uterus from my body. Neither of these seems a good option for me.

I have been patronizing a local apothecary, and she has some great tea that has actually done more for me in the month I've been drinking it than the birth control has done for quite awhile. So I have decided to stop taking birth control and just drink the tea every day. The birth control was supposed to stop me from feeling severe cramping pain twice a month, but it didn't work, so I'd go the natural way.

Which means I'm going back to my wonderful cups. Knowing I have my cup makes knowing I'll be bleeding again for the first time in years much easier. I, of course, don't want to bleed, so much nicer to be free of it completely. But, if I must, at least I have the ease and comfort of my Orange Ladycup to get me through.

No real question or discussion here. Just kinda dreading bleeding again. *sigh* But at least I have my cup.
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