Cupper (moonserenity92) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Received luvurbody cup! + Thick stem easy grip cup?

I received my large luvurbody today. I love it. Absolutely in love with the green shade and flowers! The bag is also gorgeous. Because it is soft it was easy to slip inside. I think it gave me cramps though. Might be too large for me. Sadly, like my yuuki I could not get it out of me! It's too slippery. :( I've tried squatting and grabbing the stem and pulling down. It just doesn't work unless I get a piece of fabric or towel and it will come out. I don't know what the problem is. Urgh I hate how this happens! I don't know how to get these things to come out... I find that the ring stem is the only way I can remove a cup! But I would like to expand to other stems because it limits me to just meluna and the femmycycle (I own both but I'm still chicken to test out the femmycycle)

Does anyone know of any cups with stems that are not hollow and have nice pronounced grips on them? I don't like the idea of using Chinese cheap cups because of what could be in them.
I think maybe a cup with a nice thick stem with grip rings your finger doesn't 'slip' off might help. The sibell and natu seem to have more pronounced parts of the stem...?
Tags: luv ur body, seal & suction, sizes/size issues

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