Free the West Memphis 3! (die_fledermaus) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Free the West Memphis 3!

Using Diva Cup for the first time

Hi all! I'm a cup noob. A bit of background: I have a history of heavier, irregular periods. Have been stacking the pill for almost 5 years to not have any periods. Not that that works, but that's a story for another time. Anyway, for the past 10 days, I've had my period, and was bleeding really heavily for 5 of them. I was passing huge clots every 2 hours and doing the tampon with pad combo and changing the tampon every 2 hours. This kind of bleeding is not normal for me. Yes, I have consulted my GP. We're working on it. ;) So, I got the Diva cup, was worried about it not holding enough, because of these clots...but since I started it, I had 1 small clot and that was it. This may be a stupid question, but having a cup wouldn't somehow cause the clots to stop forming, would it? Like, something about the suction inside? I'm guessing not, and that it just so happened that those huge clots were done at the same time I started using the cup. This is probably a totally lame question. ;)

EDIT: I've had the cup out for an hour, and suddenly got a bad cramp and felt a clot coming out. How does that work? I haven't had any all day, and then I take the cup out and suddenly I have one? I'm so confused!

I'm having some difficulties and weirdness, too. I am sure I'll get used to it, but I'm still learning. I was having issues with the cup being too long and irritating my labia...I googled and found this community and read suggestions of flipping the cup inside out. So I did, and that's been great. I'm having trouble taking the cup out. It comes out easily, but when it pops out, it kind of hurts. Like, when the rim pops out, I cringe every time. And getting the cup to come out without spilling is driving me nuts. My underwear from today now has some drops of blood on them because I just couldn't get the cup out without dropping a little. :( Any tips for both of these?

I also figured out, at this point in this freakishly long and heavy cycle, the cup starts to leak after about 5 hours. That hopefully will change as my cycle gets lighter again. But that means I won't be able to sleep through the night without getting up once to empty it, I guess. So I'm not wearing it tonight just in Case...but now that it's out, I'm noticing some itching around the opening of my vagina. Could that just be from putting the cup in and taking it out multiple times?

The weirdness: a couple times, I've put the cup in and it has kinda settled and shifted to where it wants to sit within a few minutes, which is fine. I feel it pop open, which is good, but it is such a weird sensation. And a couple times, I have felt dizzy for a few minutes after feeling this pop. What gives, and has anyone else had that?

Lastly, I'm wondering if it's absolutely necessary to use soap or the Diva Cup cleaner to clean the cup. Can I use just hot water, or will that not suffice? I don't want to have to carry around *another* bottle of something...I already have lotion, and pills, and Chapstick, etc.

I feel like I have more questions, but this post is already long enough! I really want this whole cup thing to work. I'm thinking about getting a Meluna because I love how customizable they are...which could be a whole other post.

If you've read this far, thanks in advance!
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