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Abdominal noises

I didn't see a category for my concern, but I know I'm not the only one who has wondered about this. I am 21 and have been using a rubycup for 6 months. After a very bad first time experience I've gotten the hang of using the cup, although I still have some issues.

My main question is about some embarrassing noises that I never noticed having before using a cup. One is that I am still maybe having trouble positioning the cup. I wear light liners because it will still leak sometimes, but sometimes I get uncontrollable air escaping from my vagina! As in farting noises, but I have absolutely no control. Luckily every time i've gotten my period has been on a weekend or a break. But is this something anyone else has experienced?

Also I'm pretty sure my hymen is still intact, maybe just stretched, because it's very difficult to get even one finger around the cup once it's in. I've never been able to "check" if it has opened except for sometimes being able to feel it opening as I push it in.

The other thing is similar, very loud, noises coming from my abdomen. Now I've had gas, or eaten something that doesn't agree before....this is not that! This never happened before I used a cup. I'm seriously embarrassed to go to Bible study, or classes because the sound is constant, loud, and sometimes gross sounding. Any ideas? I don't really get bad cramps, but my abdomen just feels kinda sore not really bothersome.

I'm up for any suggestions, diet or anything. I just started my period today so I can experiment :P
Tags: bowel movements, popping open, ruby cup, seal & suction
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