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Trouble removing cup?

So, first a bit of background info. The cup is a lunette, model 1. I am 14 years old, and a virgin. I just got the cup today, and put it in not too long ago. I'm not on my period. I've looked around, but I haven't really seen a post with my issue yet, so here I am. Insertion was pretty easy, no trouble there after I found a good way to actually do it. Removal, however, is pretty difficult. I can grab the tab on the lunette, and pull the cup out enough that I can easily touch the base of the cup, but I cant get a grip on the bottom of the cup and pinch it, releasing the suction. I can only fit in one finger, and it hurts to try and put in any other fingers with the cup inside. I've tried a few times within the course of about an hour to try and get it out, so I could relax and start again. Any tips or tricks? I'm at my dad's house and don't have anyone I can ask for help about this, so I'm relying on you guys. Thank you, everyone :D One last thing, just to be clear, I can get the cup down far enough that it's almost out, and have no problem with that, I just cant break the suction.

**EDIT - I did it!! Oh god, I'm so happy. I got scared and frustrated, but I did it. To all the other people who might have this issue, I'll tell you all how I got it out.

So, I ended up going into the shower, so I could use the water as a lube. No matter what, I still couldn't get more than one finger in, and when I got my thumb and my finger in, I couldn't grab the cup. SO, I just used my thumb. I was crouching on the floor of the shower, and just kept on pushing my thumb in and down, against the cup. Eventually, I felt the seal break. God, was I happy, I was ecstatic! After the seal broke, I just started slowly pulling the cup out, again using only my thumb, though I could have used my other hand to grab the base of the cup, I also kind of turned the cup to ease it out and right out it came. Once I figured out how to get it out, it was really easy.

Finally, I would like to say the pros of this ordeal, and my opinion on the cups themselves, for anyone looking to buy and use one.
-They're great.
-Insertion was really easy, I didn't use the c fold as the box said, but instead folded the cup in on itself, and just slowly eased the cup in.
-It didn't feel like anything was even in me! I wasn't on my period, but seriously, it didn't even feel like anything was there.
-After I figured out how to break the seal, it was no problem at all to get it out. I suggest trying many different ways to get the cup out, if you're having problems with it. (I read though, that many people didn't have any trouble removing the cup on their first try, so keep that in mind if you're looking to buy one.)

Okay, sorry this is really long. I hope this helped anyone, and thank you, anyone, as well, for responding to my original post.
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