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New and need advice - currently using lg sckoon

I am new to this and it's not working for me and I really want it to. I've used instead's soft cup and love them but they leak and are expensive. I am 48 have had 2 children vaginally. As far as I can tell from what I have read here my cervix height is avg. (It might drop some during my cycle). Also, if it matters I have tilted uterus.

I got the Sckoon size 2 several months ago. Tried it once and it was very painful and didn't try it again till this month. I did some online research and it worked better this time. It was not painful, but was uncomfortable.

I feel like I am not getting it high enough, it starts opening before I get it in far enough. Once I had it farther in and I couldn't really feel it and it worked great. The other times it worked but was very uncomfortable. I feel like it is hanging too low and I can feel it. I have trouble getting it in enough before it starts to open then it's really hard to get open and I can feel it sitting there plus it is very irritating.

Am I just doing it wrong and need practice? or should I try a different cup?

My thoughts about a different cup are not latex that really irritates me. I am hesitant to get one that is too hard/firm. I also don't like how some of the rims look (they just look uncomfortable) The rim of the sckoon is part of the reason I choose it. I do wonder if the sckoon is too wide at the bottom and if it has too much going on down there with the pattern. The area at my opening gets easily irritated. I read on here that someone else had problems with the sckoon like that. I wondering if I need something more narrow at the bottom and smooth but also not too firm. Which cup would match that? Are there any other cups with rims similar to the sckoon? I am in the USA. I like the look of the Meluna with the ball handle.

thanks to anyone who has a suggestion.
Tags: meluna, sckoon, sckooncup, tilted uterus
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