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How to remove Yuuki with slippery, thin, hollow stem

Hello. It's my first time ever trying a silicone cup. I just tried out the economic yuuki large.
I've been using only melunas with a ring stem for nearly two years.

Well, I find I can't get the cup out (yuuki) for the life of me. I can't even rotate the cup or even pull it down (too much muscle I guess). It is jammed.
I can't get a grip on the stem because it's slippery and hollow. How can I get it out? Surely others have this problem? It's just too slippery and flimsy. How can I make this cup work for me? I'm thinking of getting a towel on my fingers to get it out. Because I can't get it out at all. I always have problems with cup removal but now this is just insane. How people get a grip on these stems to pull it out...I don't know! What do I do?

The second thing is I'm finding the cup sore for me. I don't know why when I have it tilting towards my anus. It shouldn't hurt? It feels like pressure in there as well. These are things I had happen when I was new to cups!

Note: I am a virgin with a big bone above my vagina and so much skin around my vagina and inside it's so small and very hard to get a cup in and pop open in (some reason after two years I can't master cups to open).
I had not previously used my meluna xl because I couldn't get it out...but now my vagina will let it out, so I was thinking my hymen HAD to stretch by now. At some times my vaginal opening seems wider and there seems to be so much less muscle inside. (No little about my anatomy...)

Anyhow...what do I do? Are there any non flimsy cups? The ring stem on my melunas are great for breaking the intense suction and I can keep my fingers on it. I had hopes for my first ever cup in two years and now I can't even get it out! I was nearly going to buy a luvurbody cup too and that has an even smaller stem! Maybe a firm cup would work for me?
Tags: virginity, yuuki

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