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15 January 2015 @ 02:17 pm
Okay, so *totally TMI*, but I almost have the menstrual cup perfected. Except, my flow is heavy as can be (my mL/hr has hopefully maxed out for the day at 9... and I'm having trouble removing it without a terrible mess.

Folding is of course part of the problem, but how do I remove it so that the rim is perfectly horizontal?

*How I'm getting 9: The cup up to the holes is 27, and I was leaking some 3 hrs 6 minutes later.... but then again, its a soft cup, so I havent yet not spilled any too see how much I'm crushing it.

Cup of interest: NaturalMama
keispree on January 17th, 2015 12:35 am (UTC)
I'm sorry that I have no input (I don't know the answer to your question), but nothing is too TMI here! :)
Have you thought about the Femmycycle if you don't like the mess? The leakproof-ness of it might help, but then you'd have to get used to a different cup altogether. :/
..::bella vita::..por_que_no on January 17th, 2015 01:48 am (UTC)
At least for the first several months I had the Femmy, it would still pop open and rain blood on the shower walls like a murder scene. Not sure that's necessarily the fix. I've resigned myself to the fact that removal will be messy with any cup (on my heaviest days) so I only deal with cups in the shower unless there's a true emergency.
mshanai on January 17th, 2015 01:34 pm (UTC)
Just empty the cup more often on your heavy flow days. I've only made a mess when I let it get so full that the pinching necessary for removal ends up causing a spill.
majesticgoldenr on January 17th, 2015 03:00 pm (UTC)
Yes, I suppose that that is the best answer, but it seems like my body has other ideas... They say that 1 in 4 or 5 has a heavy flow but I never seem to see other women having to change so often...

I don't like having to run to the bathroom to change every hour or so with layered disposables, and my schedule really doesn't have much give to it (well, the night time does, but I like getting a few hours of continuous sleep. For me, getting three or two and a half hours until I am full is my goal, and not such frequent trips to the bathroom as before.

I think that with practice, I am getting a bit better though at keeping the blood off me.
perigrine: cupsperigrine on January 19th, 2015 10:38 pm (UTC)
somehow or other, I pull my cup down/out, then grab the stem from the front and remove it ..um..down from the back so it empties straight into the loo. I keep hold of the stem until it drains fully.
majesticgoldenr on January 19th, 2015 11:16 pm (UTC)
I've gotten it a lot more under control this past week :)

So, are you saying you remove the cup from the front or back?
perigrine: cupsperigrine on January 19th, 2015 11:32 pm (UTC)
I'll try and describe this step by step.

I sit on the loo.
Reach from the front between my legs and grab the stem.
I pull that until its almost out.
Then pull it steeply upwards to that when the cup actually emerges from my body, it is the back/butt side that 'births' first - its on an angle so the goo drains out.
The cup comes out to dangle upside down, but everything is in the loo.

Edited at 2015-01-19 11:32 pm (UTC)