gluestick05 (gluestick05) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Experienced cup user suddenly experiencing leakage--why???

And just when I thought I had this whole cup thing figured out...

I've been using menstrual cups for about 5 years, and this particular cup (Shecup) for about 3. I recently had my Mirena IUD removed and suddenly I'm having major leakage. I'm not over-filling the cup, my cervix is definitely (o) in the cup, and from what I can tell, the position of my cervix/general internal orientation have not changed. The only thing that has changed is that I'm getting a much larger volume of red, liquid blood (compared to more mucus-like brown discharge before IUD removal).

Has anyone ever had a similar problem? Any ideas on how to fix it? I'd have no issue going with a larger cup, but shecup is definitely not a small model, especially for a 25 year old with no births.
Tags: leakage & spotting
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