titaniumtrinity (titaniumtrinity) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Does anyone with Mirena actually use a cup

So I have my appointment next week to get my Mirena IUD placed, wish me luck! I'll probably play it safe and use pads for the first two cycles, after that I plan to get back to using my cup. But what I realized when I was looking up experiences here, is that almost everyone talking about IUDs has a Paragard (copper IUD). I know that Paragard tends to make periods heavier while Mirena tends to make them lighter, and sometimes they go away completely. So do most of the people with Mirena just have a light enough flow that they don't bother with cups, just use liners for a few days or something? Even if my period does get that light though, I'd probably prefer to keep using my cup because it's more comfortable and convenient. Does anyone find it convenient to use a cup for spotting and irregular bleeding (which I'm likely to get in the first six months)? I'm not really sure what else I'm looking for here, just that I realized I might have been going at this the wrong way. And honestly, I would be kind of bummed out for some reason if my cup became unnecessary. Any personal experiences would be appreciated.
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