akameee (akameee) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Menstrual cup is leaking even though there's a seal??

I just started using my lily cup compact by Intimina today and after 2-3 hours I felt wetness on my backup liner so I went to the bathroom to check if the cup had leaked.

Yeah it leaked... even though when I put it in, I heard a pop which was probably the seal forming. I even turned, tugged on the cup and ran my finger around the rim to make sure that the seal had formed.

So I went into the shower to try to fish it out. Somehow I managed to get it out by sticking a finger up the side of my walls, pushing on the cup and then pulling it downwards in a scoping motion. It didn't come out straight, rather, it came out by being folded over (basically the opening and the bottom was facing down instead of the opening facing up and the bottom facing down.) Blood had spilled out but I didn't care because it finally came out. I still haven't managed to get it out without spilling it everywhere. Maybe it wouldn't spill if my thumb was as long as my middle finger :/
I've read many articles on how to remove cups (slowly pulling on the stem, moving it side to side, squeezing the base) but none had worked other than scooping it out so the opening would face the ground.

Any tips on removing the cup with a really strong seal without spilling?
Also why do you think the cup leaked?
If my period is heavy would it cause my cup to leak? It's my first day of my cycle so I don't think my period is heavy (but who knows the lily cup compact can only hold around 15 ml)

The lily cup compact is considered to have a soft base so that may also be a factor that contributed to the leaking. I'm not allowed to purchase another cup since they are a bit expensive so I hope it'll work out since pads and tampons are really uncomfortable
btw this is my first cup

Thanks in advance!

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