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First-time cup woes

First off, really excited that this community exists! The discussion and resources here are what convinced me to try out menstrual cups, and even though I'm having trouble right now, I'm hoping that they'll end up being a permanent part of my life.

I read kuradi8's wonderful post, of course, as well as cup reviews here & on Amazon, fold tutorials, etc before I got started. However, I'm still having trouble with my new Lunette (model 1). I tried it out for about 24 hours (3 insertions and 3 removals) but back to tampons until I can figure out where I'm going wrong. Basically, I'm having three issues:

1. Insertion- This is the biggie. I tried several different folds, but ultimately the folded cup just seems too big. I managed to get it in there all three times (by squatting the lowest squat and breathing deeply) but it has been intensely painful every time and caused lasting soreness. Removal is even worse. Ouch.

2. Leaking- Once I get it in there, I do my best to test the seal by running my finger around the sides (it is SO HARD to get a finger in there, you guys!) and pulling on the stem. Seems sealed to me, since there's some resistance when I pull on the stem, but I've never felt a pop after inserting or anything like that. When I feel around the edges, it feels as open as it can be, though not perfectly round. The first time, I didn't have any leakage. The second time, I wore it overnight, and there was a little leakage in the morning, though that could just be heavy flow. Third time, it leaked from the beginning, despite a second attempt to seal it.

3. Removal- Even more painful than insertion, no matter how I do it. I expected mess, I got mess. Managed never to spill anything, but on the second removal (after I'd slept with it) it had nearly disappeared and it took me a while to find the stem. This surprised me, since the Lunette has a really long stem. The cup was much further up than where I'd originally inserted it the night before. (By the end, my hands were covered in blood up past the knuckles. Felt like a gladiator, it was actually kind of great.)

So, friends, what am I doing wrong? If it's relevant, I'm 26, I've never had kids, I don't have sex with men, and--as far as I know--have pretty standard equipment, if a little small. I use regular size tampons and that's about the biggest thing I can comfortably fit. I realize that it may be a matter of perseverance, but perseverance is hurting a lot right now. I also bought a Sckoon cup (small) in case the Lunette didn't work out, but I'll have to wait a couple of days until the soreness stops. Thinking that the curved lip might be less painful than the Lunette's ridged one.
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