ditzygirl3 (ditzygirl3) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Used my first cup - but unsure about carrying on, any advice?

A few background details - I'm 19, never had kids and previously I used tampons.
I love the idea of using a cup as it seems so much healthier! but I've been having problems with it.
I ordered a divacup in the smaller size and tried it once I got my period, my first two days where my period is fairly light, it seemed to be working fine but today where my period is quite heavy, the cup didn't seem to be suctioning properly and it felt too painful when I tried re-inserting it. I know I need to practice more to get used to it as it may be my technique but I've been doing more research and I wonder if I need a softer cup?
Also removal is difficult and takes ages as it travels really far up, is that supposed to happen?
I know that the divacup it one of the longer cups but it still seems not long enough for me and feels a bit uncomfortable inside me, perhaps its too firm? I was looking into getting a longer cup thats a bit softer, would anyone recommend the lilycup? or any other cups?
Tags: divacup, insertion - painful or problems, lilycup
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